Life is absurd. Don't say that! God forgive you! There is no God. Ey!! Ey!! Where is this coming from? Do they teach you this crap in school?? Is this that new English teacher Mr. Clark emm Where is he from? Answer me! Overland. You want him to read anything other than Hustler? Hello. He got assigned "The Stranger". You want him to be an educated person? What do you think education is? You just make more money? This is education. Do you ever think like: Why were we born? Madame de Stael said: In life one must choose between boredom and suffering. Go to your room! (Meadow leaves) No, I'm serious. Why were we born? We were born because of Adam and Eve, that's why. Now go upstairs and do your math. Algebra?? That's the most boring. Well, your other choice is sufferin'. You wanna start now?!?

— from "D-Girl",