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A Rosenfelsian Glossary

This glossary lists all of the key terms you'll encounter as you study the psychology of polarity. Two lists are given. The first contains the idiomatic primitives of Paul Rosenfels' vocabulary, words like creativity, development and polarity. The second contains words that are paired so as to describe a polarized aspect of human nature. These terms are called analogs.

An analog is not the same as an opposite. The opposite of true is false, but for Rosenfels the analog of true is right. Analogs describe equivalent characteristics of feminine and masculine personalities or the submissive and dominant aspects of civilized life. Where the parental function of the feminine is to nurture, for example, the analogous masculine function is to protect.

Two caveats. Because this system was not merely a tidy intellectual game for Rosenfels but rather a living breathing work in progress, over the many years that he published his ideas some analogs changed. Secondly, there are apparent inconsistencies when analogs are extracted from the text and arranged in columns as I have done here. In some paragraphs, for example, you will find a discussion of action analoged with a discussion of thought, while in subsequent paragraphs action might be analoged with feeling. Why is this?

Obviously, any psychologist worth his sheepskin knows the difference between thought and feeling. But Paul always reminded us that the language of psychology has largely been crafted by thinkers, i.e. by feminine personalities who were usually more interested in introspection than in describing masculine personalities that they found foreign and alien. As a result, we have far fewer ways to describe the world that masculine personalities live in than we should. Freud, one of the worst offenders, dismissed all masculine people as "narcissistic". To this day psychoanalysts continue to do irreparable harm to assertive people by telling them to get in touch with "inner feelings" of a sort that, by and large, they simply do not have. Hence the classic guilt-ridden American man of action.

Just remember that the kind of action that is analogous to thought is different from the kind that is analogous to feeling, and that which kind of action is meant is always made clear in context. This glossary, therefor, can get you started on your exploration of Rosenfelsian semantics, but to master all of these insights you'll have to do a fair amount of work to really get what's being discussed.

Basic Concepts
adaptation the individual's capacity to survive in his time and place; the component of life in which the individual is most in contact with forces beyond his control and comprehension.
analog any word or phrase describing a submissive or dominant characteristic of human psychology. The terms love and power, for example, are analogs of one another. see also: polarity.
civilization a degree of human social organization marked by the continual acquisition of new truth from the unknown and right from the chaotic, which in the form of knowledge and ability become the property of all men. "Civilization took its origin in the social ideas arising from the priest's view of life, and the institutions which developed out of the soldier's way of life. . . . Civilization rests on the specialization of men into thinkers and men of action, mutually interacting. In this world of specialized character, creative thought and creative action make a tremendous and sudden rise which bestows on man those unique psychological characteristics recognized as human." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization]
component one of four areas, capacities, moods or pockets of the human personality: creativity, adaptation, sex and celebration, and fun and pleasure. The creative component is characterized as three-dimensional; the fun and pleasure component is characterized as two-dimensional.
convention that lowest common denominator of truth and right to which society as a whole adheres, and which is the point of departure for (and is often scorned by), those with creative aspirations. antonym: creativity.
cover-up, depressive a defense mechanism who purpose is to conceal from the individual the depressive nature of his life-style.
creativity that human capacity which adds knowledge or ability to civilization's storehouse of truth and right. antonym: convention.
defense capability which protects and nurtures a growing individual but which can be outgrown. Biological defenses protect animals from destructive forces such as predators. A defense such as a hiding place used by a young animal may become unnecessary when full size is attained. Psychological defenses protect man from the depressive effects of shame and guilt in relation to other men. A defense such as compulsiveness or obsessiveness may be replaced by love or power in the course of psychological development.
depression, lifestyle a lifestyle whose structure prevents growth of the personality.
development the increasing capability to adhere to truth and right. synonym: growth.
exhaustion a marked diminution in capacities that are usually taken for granted; the result of failing to create a pocket for the two-dimensional component of the personality, which failure causes "creativity poisoning."
harmonious stress see: stress.
identity the individual sense of importance in a social context; identity is proportional to what you have to give other people.
mechanism any association between events in human nature i.e. causal mechanism; also used in the term defense mechanism to deride the mechanical quality of defensive behavior or thought.
see: stress.
parental behavior or feeling-tone that puts the growing quality of the other person in sharp relief; a necessary aspect of leading and teaching.
polarity the pairing of complimentary capabilities. In all organisms, physiological polarity connects the individual's sensory and motor capabilities. In vertebrates, sexual polarity connects the submission of the female with the dominance of the male. In civilization, psychological polarity connects femininity and masculinity between individuals regardless of their gender. see also: analog.
seriousness that inner psychological resource which enables an individual to focus effectively on his personal growth.
stress the depletion of available resources in the personality. Oppressive stress is unhealthy and should be outgrown. Harmonious stress is experienced in parenting. synonym: strain.
surpluses resources within the individual which facilitate going beyond immediate survival needs. Biological surpluses polarize between female and male and are expended in the rearing of young. Psychological surpluses polarize between feminine and masculine individuals and are used to build civilization.
three-dimensional a component which draws upon depth and vigor in order to reveal the individual's goodness and beauty. The purpose of three-dimensionality is to so relieve the individual of creative shame and guilt that he can immerse himself whole-heartedly in the rewards of two-dimensionality. Three-dimensionality is the price of two-dimensionality.
two-dimensional a component in which the individual ignores problems and avoids obstacles by focusing on the commonplace and ordinary pleasures and enjoyments of the here and now and so enjoy the contentment and happiness at hand, the purpose of which is to restore his vitality and recreate his aliveness and capacity for inexhaustible depth and vigor. The purpose of two-dimensionality is to so restore depth and vigor in the individual that he can again devote himself to the achievements of three-dimensionality. Two-dimensionality is the reward of three-dimensionality.


abandonment analog: neglect
abandonment, fear of analog: rage at impoverishment
ability right possessed by man which has be discovered by creative masculinity. analog: knowledge.
abstinence analog: self-effacement
abstract that which is manipulated in the speculative search for truth. analog: concrete.
accomplishment analogs: satisfaction, gratification
accumulation of tension analog: mobilization of energy
acrophobia analog: claustrophobia
action that level of the expressive faculties which can embody right. synonym: attitude. analogs: feeling, thought.
action, constructive synonym: inventive manipulation. analog: analytic thinking
addiction analog: perversity
administrator analog: lawmaker
admiration analog: respect
adventure analog: romance
aggression a perverse false dominance originating in mutual familial idealization among feminines. analog: passivity.
aggressive force analog: passive loyalty
alien analog: unpredictable
aliveness analogs: harmony, richness
alone synonym: secret. analog: dissociated
aloneness analog: poverty
altruism analog: heroism
ambition analog: sensuality
amnesia, hysterical analog: catatonia
analytic thinking analogs: constructive action, inventive manipulation
analytical analog: methodological
anger conscientious dominance in the face of aggression that protects masculine hope from opportunism. "Anger brings into being the energy by which selective lack of sympathetic feeling is maintained." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: hatred.
annoyance analog: disgust
annoying analog: distasteful
anxiety state of extreme emptiness in which tension builds up with no faith in attaining love. analog: restlessness.
anxiety states analog: hysteria
aphasic analog: apraxic
appetite analog: recreational interests
apraxic analog: aphasic
art analog: philosophy
ascetic process analog: cult adherence
assertive analog: yielding
attitude synonym: action. analogs: feeling, thought
audacity analog: sincerity
authority analog: law
authority, autocratic analog: dogmatic law
autistic fantasy analog: euphoric play
autocracy analog: dogma
autocratic authority analog: dogmatic law
awareness analog: confidence
awe analog: triumph
beauty that which commands submission and is fulfilled by idealization. analog: goodness.
beginning and end analog: cause and effect
boredom analog: fatigue
brutality analog: sentimentality
capable analog: sophisticated
catatonia analog: hysterical amnesia
cause and effect analog: beginning and end
celebration an abundance of action which is enjoyed for its own sake. analog: sex.
celebrative partnership analog: homosexuality
chaos that part of reality which is beyond control. analog: unknown.
Charybdis analog: Scylla
Christianity analog: democracy
claustrophobia analog: acrophobia
clumsy analog: confused
command submission analog: invite domination
communication the transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. analog: demonstration.
competition analog: popularity
complacent analog: lazy
complete synonym: total. analogs: enduring, permanent
compliance, obsessive analog: compulsive defiance
comprehension analog: control
compulsive over-acting in feminines. analog: obsessive.
compulsive defiance analog: obsessive compliance
compulsive ritual analog: obsessive dogma
concept synonym: principle. analog: method
concrete that which is manipulated in the experimental reaching for right. analog: abstract.
confidence analog: awareness
confused analog: clumsy
consciousness analog: willfulness
conspiracy analog: cult
conspiratorial analog: sophistical
constructive action synonym: inventive manipulation. analog: analytic thinking
contemplative analog: exploratory
contentment a form of fulfillment sought by femininity characterized by peace of mind. "Contentment is a reward for depth of character which serves society, avoiding selfishness." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: happiness.
continuity synonym: permanence. analogs: integrity, unity
control analog: comprehension
convention analog: custom
cooperation synonym: helpfulness. analog: sympathy
corruption analog: degeneracy
cowardice analog: dishonesty
craftsmanship analog: logic
criminal fugue reaction analog: paranoid delusion
criminality analog: paranoid state
critic analog: dissenter
cruelty analog: self-pity
cult analog: conspiracy
cult adherence analog: ascetic process
custom analog: convention
cynicism a symptom of feminine selfishness which requires the denial of the existence of truth. analog: opportunism.
death, fear of analog: rage at futility
defiance, compulsive analog: obsessive compliance
degeneracy analog: corruption
delinquent a symptom of power perplexed by loyalty to familial principles inimical to growth. analog: neurotic.
delusion, paranoid analog: criminal fugue reaction
delusion, mass analog: mob violence
democracy analog: Christianity
demonstration the transmission of ability from leader to follower. analog: communication.
depression analog: emptiness
depth a restoring of tension that helps love get under aggression. analog: vigor.
discerning analog: selective
discharge of tension analog: dissipation of energy
disgust analog: annoyance
dishonesty analog: cowardice
dissenter analog: critic
dissipation of energy analog: discharge of tension
dissociated analogs: alone, secret
dissociated activity analog: hypochondriasis
distasteful analog: annoying
dogma analog: autocracy
dogma, obsessive analog: compulsive ritual
dogmatic analog: tyrannical
dogmatic law analog: autocratic authority
domain synonyms: materials, object, situation. analog: subject matter
dominance the acceptance of love from another person, accompanied by increasing responsibility; imperial dominance is an addiction in masculines which ignores the needs of love in the search for a spontaneity which is never complete. analog: submission.
dominant synonyms: assertive, extroverted, masculine: analogs: submissive, yielding, introverted, feminine
domination, invite analog: command submission
eagerness analog: excitement
egotistical analog: self-indulgent
empathy the recognition of similar needs in another feminine, required for the communication of truth. analog: identification.
emptiness analog: depression
endurance analog: patience
enduring synonym: permanent. analogs: complete, total
energy a biological resource used to control the environment. analog: tension.
energy, dissipation of analog: discharge of tension
engineering that body of mastery which is available to all civilized men. synonym: industry. analog: science.
enjoyment synonym: fun. analog: pleasure
enlistment a cure for masculine seduction marked by indifference to conventional feeling, hope in miraculous behavior, and allegiance to dogmatic law, but in which real strength can grow. analog: retreat.
enliven analog: enrich
enrich analog: enliven
enthusiasm analog: inspiration
euphoric play analog: autistic fantasy
evil analog: sin
excitement analog: eagerness
exhibitionism analog: voyeurism
experiment the partial use of a method whose rightfulness is uncertain. analogs: hypothesis, speculation.
exploitation the bringing into being and protection of permanent goodness in what is possessed. analogs: idealization, service.
exploratory analog: contemplative
expressive analogs: responsive, receptive
extroverted synonyms: masculine, dominant, assertive. analogs: introverted, feminine, submissive, yielding
facading an emulation of submission which has the substance but not the form of love. analog: posturing.
faith the finding of security in the permanence of the need for truth in human nature, used as a shield for fear when truth is unattainable. "In order that the area of love and understanding may grow, faith is necessary. Faith holds the character of the individual in a fixed position when comprehension is not sufficient to release the individual to a full scale relationship with the ideal. Faith bridges the gap when understanding fails; when understanding has grown to the necessary point, faith disappears, its work done, and insight is born." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: hope.
fantasy a two-dimensional rehearsal of the search for truth in which the absence of stress restores faith. analog: play-acting.
fantasy, autistic analog: euphoric play
fascinated analog: possessed
fatigue analog: boredom
fear emergency feeling of love in the face of the unknown. analog: rage.
fear of death analog: rage at futility
feeling synonym: thought. analog: action, attitude
feeling of inferiority synonym: guilt. analog: mood of guilt
feminine the submissive character type; biological femininity refers to the female gender; psychological femininity refers to the submissive character type; also used as a noun to refer to a feminine individual. synonyms: introverted, submissive, yielding; analogs: masculine, extroverted, dominant, assertive.
fight analog: flight
flight analog: fight
fool analog: knave
force, aggressive analog: passive loyalty
France analog: Germany
freedom that degree of unrestricted mobility necessary in reaching for the right. analog: security.
fugue reaction analog: panic
fugue reaction, criminal analog: paranoid delusion
fun that which provides two-dimensional release for masculine individuals. synonym: enjoyment. analog: pleasure.
futility, rage at analog: fear of death
Germany analog: France
goodness that which invites domination and is fulfilled by exploitation. analog: beauty.
government analog: religion
gratification synonym: satisfaction. analog: accomplishment
gregarious quality resulting from the indifference to feeling by the man of action in a state of growth. analog: solitary.
guilt internal corrective mechanism that signals a masculine to feel more towards his domain. analogs: inferiority, shame.
guilt, mood of analog: feeling of inferiority
happiness a form of fulfillment sought by masculinity characterized by spontaneity. "Happiness is a prize which comes to vigor in the character for the development of the resources of society, avoiding vanity." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: contentment.
harassment analog: humiliation
harmony synonym: richness. analog: aliveness
hatred willful submission in the face of passivity that protects feminine faith from cynicism. "Hatred creates the tension on which selective withdrawal from experience is based." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: anger.
health analog: welfare
hebephrenia analog: megalomania
helpfulness synonym: cooperation. analog: sympathy
helplessness in masculines, a symptom of bored dominance; in feminines the severe consequence of a prolonged phobic state. analog: recklessness.
heresy analog: rebellion
hero analog: saint
heroism analog: altruism
homosexuality analog: celebrative partnerships
hope the finding of freedom in the completeness of the rightful purposefulness of human nature, used as an antidote for rage when right is unreachable. "In order that the scope of power and responsibility may grow, hope is necessary. Hope maintains the intent of the character when ability is not sufficient to obtain a complete relationship with reality. Hope bridges the gap when responsibility falls short. When ability has grown to the necessary point, hope disappears and mastery takes command." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: faith.
humiliation analog: harassment
hypochondriasis analog: dissociated activity
hypothesis the temporary use of an insight whose truthfulness is uncertain. synonym: speculation. analog: experiment.
hysteria analog: anxiety state
hysterical amnesia analog: catatonia
idealism analog: realism
idealization the bringing into being and nurture of complete beauty in what is loved. synonym: service. analog: exploitation.
idea analog: technique
identification the recognition of similar purposes in another masculine, required for the demonstration of right. analog: empathy.
ideology analog: institution
ignorance comparative absence of truth in thought. analogs: immorality, incompetence, irresponsibility.
imagination analog: ingenuity
immorality comparative absence of right in action. synonyms: incompetence, irresponsibility. analog: ignorance.
impoverishment, rage at analog: abandonment, fear of
impression analog: impulse
impulse analog: impression
incompetence synonyms: immorality, irresponsibility. analog: ignorance
incomplete analog: transient
indifference repression of feeling characteristic of sadism; selective indifference in masculines prevents their being seduced by the conventional rewards of socially supported passivity. analog: withdrawal.
industry synonym: engineering. analog: science
inferiority, feeling of analog: mood of guilt
inferiority synonym: shame. analog: guilt
ingenuity analog: imagination
inhibition analog: perplexity
insight permanence of concept that insures comprehension. analog: mastery.
insignificance analog: weakness
inspiration analog: enthusiasm
institution analog: ideology
integrity synonym: unity. analogs: continuity, permanence
interests analog: tasks
intimidation over-active state in a feminine caused by identifying with socially supported aggression. analog: seduction.
introverted synonyms: feminine, submissive, yielding. analogs: extroverted, masculine, dominant, assertive
inventive manipulation synonym: constructive action. analog: analytic thinking
invite domination analog: command submission
irresponsibility synonym: immorality, incompetence. analog: ignorance
justice analog: mercy
knave analog: fool
knowledge truth possessed by man which has been discovered by creative femininity. analog: ability.
laughter a healthy accompaniment of sudden vigorous action in a masculine. analog: tears.
lawmaker analog: administrator
law analog: authority
lazy analog: complacent
law, dogmatic analog: autocratic authority
leader analog: teacher
leading the adaptive task of demonstrating ability. analog: teaching.
logic analog: craftsmanship
longing analog: vigilance
love that fusing of the feminine with a subject matter that is submitted to. analog: power.
love, universal analog: objective power
loving analog: possessing
loyalty, passive analog: aggressive force
magic the substitution of fragmentary images for truth; the intrusion of fantasy into three-dimensional thought. analog: miracle.
man of action a masculine who has accepted the complete identity of a reacher for right. analog: thinker.
manic-depressive analog: schizophrenic
manipulation, inventive synonym: constructive action. analog: analytic thinking
masculine the dominant character type; biological masculinity refers to the male gender; psychological masculinity refers to the dominant character type; also used as a noun to refer to a masculine individual. synonyms: extroverted, dominant, assertive. analogs: feminine, introverted, submissive, yielding.
masochism a severe distortion of power in which the domain is used by being defaced. analog: sadism.
mass delusion analog: mob violence
mastery completeness of method that insures control. analog: insight.
materials synonyms: domain, object, situation. analog: subject matter
meaning analog: value
megalomania analog: hebephrenia
mercy analog: justice
methodological analog: analytical
method analogs: concept, principle
military life analog: monastic life
miracle the substitution of episodic impulses for right; the intrusion of play-acting into three-dimensional action. analog: magic.
mob violence analog: mass delusions
mobility analog: receptivity
mobilization of energy analog: accumulation of tension
monastic life analog: military life
mood of guilt analog: feeling of inferiority
morality synonym: responsibility. analog: understanding
motility synonyms: spontaneity. analogs: naturalness, peace of mind, sensitivity
music analog: plastic arts
mysterious analog: supernatural
naturalness synonyms: peace of mind, sensitivity. analogs: motility, spontaneity
need analog: purpose
neglect analog: abandonment
neurotic a symptom of love inhibited by devotion to familial methods inimical to growth. analog: delinquent.
nurture in nature, the kind of care given to the young by the female; in man, an accompaniment of parental femininity. analog: protection.
object synonyms: domain, materials, situation. analog: subject matter
objective power analog: universal love
obsessive over-feeling in masculines. analog: compulsive.
obsessive compliance analog: compulsive defiance
obsessive dogma analog: compulsive ritual
obstacle a part of reality that resists mastery and which masculinity seeks to overcome. analog: problem.
obstacle analog: problem
opportunism a symptom of masculine vanity which requires the denial of the existence of right. analog: cynicism.
organization analog: orientation
orientation analog: organization
pain analog: suffering
panic analog: fugue reaction
paranoid delusion analog: criminal fugue reaction
paranoid state analog: criminality
partnership, celebrative analog: homosexuality.
passive loyalty analog: aggressive force
passivity an addiction to false submission originating in mutual familial exploitation among masculines. analog: aggression.
patience analog: endurance
peace of mind synonyms: naturalness, sensitivity. analogs: motility, spontaneity
permanence synonym: continuity. analogs: integrity, unity
permanent synonym: enduring. analogs: complete, total
perplexity analog: inhibition
perversity analog: addiction
philosopher analog: statesman
philosophy analog: art
phobic threatening the emergence of permanently helpless fear. analog: psychopathic.
plastic arts analog: music
play-acting a two-dimensional rehearsal of the reaching for right in which the absence of stress restores hope. analog: fantasy.
play, euphoric analog: autistic fantasy
pleasure that which provides two-dimensional release for feminine individuals. analogs: enjoyment, fun.
popularity analog: competition
possessed analog: fascinated
possessing analog: loving
posturing an imitation of dominance which has the form but not the substance of power. analog: facading.
poverty analog: aloneness
power that fusing of the masculine with a domain that is dominated. verb form: to possess. analog: love.
power, objective analog: universal love
pride enjoyable attitude which accompanies ability; masculine pride is an automatic accompaniment of ability; feminine pride is a cure for rag-doll submission. analog: warmth.
priest analog: soldier
principle synonym: concept. analog: method
private analog: separate
problem a part of the ideal which resists insight and for which femininity seeks solutions. analog: obstacle.
promiscuous analog: undisciplined
protection in nature, the kind of care given to the young by the male; in man, an accompaniment of parental masculinity. analog: nurture.
psychopathic threatening the emergence of completely reckless rage. analog: phobic.
purpose analog: need
rage emergency attitude experienced by power in the face of chaos. analog: fear.
rage at futility analog: fear of death
reaction, criminal fugue analog: paranoid delusion
realism analog: idealism
rebellion analog: heresy
receptive synonym: responsive. analog: expressive
receptivity analog: mobility
recklessness in feminines, a symptom of fatigued submission; in masculines the severe consequence of an extended psychopathic state. analog: helplessness.
recreational interests analog: appetite
refractory, the analog: unexpected, the
religion analog: government
renunciation synonym: resignation. analog: repression
repression analogs: renunciation, resignation
resignation synonym: renunciation. analog: repression
respect analog: admiration
responsibility a degree of control which has attained meaning for society. synonym: morality. analog: understanding.
responsive synonym: receptive. analog: expressive
restlessness state of extreme emptiness in which energy builds up with no hope of attaining power. analog: anxiety.
retreat a cure for feminine intimidation marked by withdrawal from conventional experience, faith in magical thinking, and submission to autocratic rule, but out of which true wisdom can come. analog: enlistment.
richness synonym: harmony. analog: aliveness
right the ability to control an external reality. "Power exploits the right, and right is ability to control an external reality which is outside the consciousness of the individual." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: truth
ritual, compulsive analog: dogma, obsessive
romance analog: adventure
sadism a severe distortion of love in which the ideal is served by being destroyed. analog: masochism.
saint analog: hero
satisfaction synonym: gratification. analog: accomplishment
schizophrenic analog: manic-depressive
science that body of insights which is available to all civilized men. analog: engineering, industry.
Scylla analog: Charybdis
secret synonym: alone. analog: dissociated
security that level of unrestricted sensitivity necessary in searching for truth. analog: freedom.
seduction over-feeling state in a masculine caused by empathizing with socially supported passivity. analog: intimidation.
selective analog: discerning
self-awareness analog: self-confidence
self-confidence analog: self-awareness
self-effacement analog: abstinence
self-indulgent analog: egotistical
selfishness analog: vanity
self-pity analog: cruelty
sensitivity synonyms: naturalness, peace of mind. analogs: motility, spontaneity
sensuality analog: ambition
sentimentality analog: brutality
separate analog: private
service synonym: idealization. analog: exploitation
sex an abundance of feeling which is enjoyed for its own sake. analog: celebration.
shallow analog: weak
shame internal corrective mechanism that signals a feminine to do more in service of his ideal. synonym: inferiority. analog: guilt.
sin analog: evil
sincerity analog: audacity
situation synonyms: domain, materials, object. analog: subject matter
soldier analog: priest
solitary quality resulting from the withdrawal from experience by the thinker in a state of growth. analog: gregarious.
sophistical analog: conspiratorial
sophisticated analog: capable
space analog: time
speculation synonym: hypothesis. analog: experiment
spontaneity synonyms: motility. analogs: naturalness, peace of mind, sensitivity
statesman analog: philosopher
strength a state of masculine spontaneity produced by repressing socially supported passivity and embracing dominance as a total lifestyle. analog: wisdom.
subject matter analogs: domain, materials, object, situation
submission the acceptance of power from another person, accompanied by increasing understanding; rag-doll submission is a perversion in feminines which ignores the purposes of power in the search for a peace of mind which is never permanent. analog: dominance.
submission, command analog: invite domination
submissive synonyms: feminine, introverted, yielding. analogs: dominant, masculine, extroverted, assertive
suffering analog: pain
supernatural analog: mysterious
sympathy analogs: cooperation, helpfulness
tasks analog: interests
teacher analog: leader
teaching the adaptive task of communicating knowledge. analog: leading.
tears a healthy accompaniment of sudden deep feeling in a feminine. analog: laughter.
technique analog: idea
tension a biological resource used to comprehend the environment. analog: energy.
tension, discharge of analog: dissipation of energy
thinker a feminine who has accepted the permanent identity of truth seeker. analog: man of action.
thinking, analytic analogs: constructive action, inventive manipulation
thought that level of the receptive faculties which can embody truth. synonym: feeling. analogs: action, attitude
time analog: space
total synonym: complete. analog: enduring, permanent
transient analog: incomplete
triumph analog: awe
truth knowledge of an external ideal. "Love serves truth, and truth is knowledge of an external ideal which is beyond the reach of the individual's will." [Psychoanalysis and Civilization] analog: right
tyrannical analog: dogmatic
understanding a degree of comprehension which has attained value to society. analog: morality, responsibility.
undisciplined analog: promiscuous
unexpected, the analog: refractory, the
unity synonym: integrity. analogs: continuity, permanence
universal love analog: objective power
unknown that part of the ideal which is beyond comprehension. analog: chaos.
unpredictable analog: alien
value analog: meaning
vanity analog: selfishness
view of life analog: way of life
vigilance analog: longing
vigor a restoring of energy that helps power overcome passivity. analog: depth
violence, mob analog: mass delusion
voyeurism analog: exhibitionism
warmth pleasurable feeling which accompanies knowledge; feminine warmth is an automatic accompaniment of knowledge; masculine warmth is a cure for imperial dominance. analog: pride.
way of life analog: view of life
weak analog: shallow
weakness analog: insignificance
welfare analog: health
willfulness analog: consciousness
wisdom a state of feminine peace of mind produced by renouncing socially supported aggression and embracing submission as a permanent lifestyle. analog: strength.
withdrawal renunciation of experience characteristic of masochism; selective withdrawal in feminines prevents their being intimidated by the conventional rewards of socially supported aggression. analog: indifference.
yielding analog: assertive

-- prepared 10/86 by Dean Hannotte

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