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Our Publications

The Ninth Street Center Journal

We published seven issues of the Journal between 1973 and 1987. Their tables of content are given below. Over time more of this material will come online.

The Ninth Street Center Journal 1
Winter 1973

Rick Shupper: [editorial]
Dean Hannotte: [editorial]
Gaetano T. Alaimo: "Being Different" [essay]
Larry Wheelock: "Testing Grounds" [essay]
Jonathan Cheng: "At Odds With Gay Humor" [essay]
Rick Shupper: "Check Out Your Therapist" [essay]
Rick Shupper: "What Is Therapy?" [essay]
Dean Hannotte: "Homosexuality: Civilization's Secret" [essay]
Michael O'Connor: [poem]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 2

Jurgen Schmitt: "Warming up to Intro 2" [editorial]
David Tesdell: "New for Old" [essay]
Dean Hannotte: "The View From the Center" [column]
Paul Rosenfels: "John Hopkins' Find Your Way Home" [review]
Doug Zellner: "Erich Fromm's The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" [review]
Angelo Mendez: "A Song For Lovers and Other Strangers" [poem]
"Conversations With Our Counselors" [interviews]
Bill West: [letter to the editor]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 3
Winter 1983

Chris Kreussling: "Men at Work; Bizarre Techniques; In Defense of Process; Topics for a Closed Talk Group" [essays]
Karl Laub: "An Objective Masculine's Geneology" [poem]
Bob Fink: "How Does Peer Counseling Work?" [essay]
Edna St. Vincent Millay: "To Inez Milholland" [poem]
Dean Hannotte: "May Sarton's Journal of a Solitude" [review]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 4
Winter 1984

Paul Rosenfels: "Society's Fear of Homosexuality" [article]
Vachel Lindsay: "The Eagle That is Forgotten" [poem]
Ron Brunette: "Bobby LaChance" [memoir]
Gabe Bobek: "Remember" [poem]
Richard George-Murray: "Poems"
Edward Rowland Sill: "Opportunity" [poem]
Dean Hannotte: "Jurgen" [memoir]
Paul Rosenfels: "The Bridge [1949]" [fiction]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 5
Winter 1985

Jurgen Schmitt and Tony Rostron: "Interview with Paul Rosenfels [1974]"
Laurie Bell: "Letter to Paul Rosenfels"
Gabe Bobek: "Long Beach High School Summer" [memoir]
Doug Zellner: "Geoff Mains' Urban Aboriginals" [review]
Dean Hannotte: "Improvement, Perfection, Development" [essay]
Clough, Arthur Hugh: "Say Not, The Struggle Naught Availeth" [poem]
Tony Rostron: "The Storm" [memoir]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 6
Autumn 1986

Frank R. Aqueno: "On Choosing a Homosexual Lifestyle" [essay]
Randy Harris: "Them vs. Us" [poem]
Robert Rose: "Daring to be Deviant" [essay]
Tony Rostron: "An Essay on Warmth and Pride"
Randy Harris: "Volunteer" [poem]
Chris Kreussling: "What We Need to Know About Homosexuality" [essay]
Len Albert: "Elegia Simplex Pro Paulum" [poem]
Amelia Josephine Burr: "A Song of Living" [poem]
Laurie Bell: "October 31, 1985" [poem]
Dean Hannotte: "Dayshine and the Winds of Death" [fiction]
Edna St. Vincent Millay: "Love is Not All" [poem]
Paul Rosenfels: "THIS I BEHELD: A Psychological Analysis of the Growth of the Masculine Ideal in Civilization, with Application to Selected Writings of Homer, Shakespeare, and Joseph Conrad" [essay]
Robert Louis Stevenson: "Where Go the Boats?" [poem]

The Ninth Street Center Journal 7
Winter 1987

Carl Luss: "Correspondence with Paul Rosenfels, with Additional Remarks"
Michael Bond: "A Visit to the Hospital" [fiction]
Edith Nash: "Some Reminiscences About Paul" [memoir]
Len Albert: "Sonnet for Bob"
Tony Rostron: "The Miracle" [fiction]
Tony Rostron: "Letter to My Brother"
Gabe Bobek: "Statue of Liberty" [poem]
Gabe Bobek: "He's gotta big fuckin dick" [essay]
Olaf Stapledon: "What to Think of the World and Feel About It" [essay]
Dean Hannotte: "Ernest Becker's The Lost Science of Man" [review]
Paul Rosenfels: "Principles of Psychological Growth and Social Change" [essay]


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