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Other Sites We Like

Here's a few other web sites we like a lot.

The English Server
      Run by Carnegie Mellon University, this site became the archive of record for all of Paul's writings -- and in fact all of the Center's publications -- on August 25, 1997. Our site now contains numerous links to specific pages of their new Paul Rosenfels Collection, which is in the Gender and Sexuality Section.

Queer By Choice
      A great site put together by New Orleans based performance artist Frank Aqueno, debunks the idea that homosexuals are "just born that way."
      Click here to see an interview with Frank about Paul Rosenfels.
      Click here to see the essay I wrote for Frank's site about neuroscience and homosexuality.

High Productivity Publishing
      Bill Boushka's site focuses on gays in the military. Think he's looking for a few good men? Do tell, Bill!
      Click here to see Bill's 1997 account of being involved with the Ninth Street Center in the early 1970's.
      Click here to see Bill's essay on "Narcicism, Affiliation and Polarity."

Other important web sites include:

Action Without Borders http://www.idealist.org/
      "Founded in 1994 and based in New York, Action Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives."
Association for Humanistic Psychology
      "The Association for Humanistic Psychology is an international community of people with diverse talents and interests who are dedicated to the exploration and healing of the human mind, body and soul and to building a society that advances our ability to choose, grow and create. Our mission is to realize a vision of the possible for humanity in the next millennium."
      See their Internet Connections page.
C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture
      See their Companion Jungian Web Sites page.
Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty
      "Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty is a DC-area organization dedicated to the philosophy of individual sovereignty, both generally and as it applies to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transpersons."
      See their Links Page.
Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center of New York
      "Serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities since 1983."
Magellan University
      "America's 1st Online & Video University."
      See their Links to Ethics, Psychology & Philosophy On-Line Resources.
Mental Health Net
      "This is the largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online, featuring over 6,500 individual resources. Our award-winning fun & friendly site covers information on disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and substance abuse, to professional resources in psychology, psychiatry and social work, journals and self-help magazines."
      See their Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamics Topics page.
Out in America
      See their New York, NY page.
People with a History: An Online Guide to Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
      "People with a History presents the history of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people [=LGBT]. It includes hundred of original texts, discussions, and [soon] images, and addresses LGBT history in all periods, and in all regions of the world."
Philosophy Research Base
      "The Philosophy Research Base is an award winning website featuring thousands of annotated links to philosophy resources on the internet. . . .
      "This searchable index is a para/site research tool for the study of (mostly) western philosophy. The website features several subwebs, including Ancient (both East and West), Medieval, Modern, 19th Century, 20th Century, American, Feminism, Ecofeminism, Environmental, and Queer Theory. There are also hundreds of pages covering most popular philosophical topics, such as philosophy of science, ethics, logic, philosophy of law, language, religion, etc., in the Topics Web. . . .
      "This web site is designed and maintained by Danne Polk, Philosophy Department, Villanova University, and is dedicated to students of philosophy worldwide. Send comments and suggestions to dpolk@erraticimpact.com."
      See their "Queer Theory / LGBT Studies" page.
Psychology Hall of Fame
      Biographies of important psychologists. (Rosenfels is listed in the "R" section.)
Resources for Gay Christians
Self-Improvement Online
      "Self Improvement Online provides a detailed resource of information on Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Human Enhancement. We cover a wide range of topics including health, fitness, aromatherapy, and brain enhancement. It is one of the more popular sites of its kind, receiving over 200,000 page views a month."
Social Science Information Gateway
      "SOSIG is an online catalogue of hundreds of high quality Internet resources relevant to social science education and research. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist."
SocioWeb: Your Independent Guide to Sociological Resources on the Internet
      "The SocioWeb is an independent guide to the Sociological resources available on the Internet and is founded in the belief that the Internet can help to unite the sociological community in ways never before possible. Originally launched in October, 1995, The SocioWeb has grown at a steady pace along with the growth of the Internet."
      See their Giants of Sociology page.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Social Sciences
      "This document keeps track of online resources in various disciplines of the Social Sciences."
      See their Anthropology Resource List and Sociology Resource List.
The Carl Gustav Jung Index
      "The Jung Index's mission is to connect you to the world of Jungian / Analytical Psychology. It is a gathering place for professionals in fields of academia as far ranging as Clinical Psychology, Mythology, and Neurobiology. It is also a place for people that are just interested, like me. C.G. Jung wrote volumes of work in his lifetime, most of which can be found in the Bollingen edition of the Collected Works. Most people don't have the time to tackle the life-time task of reading all of these works. However, you can get very far in your studies just spending some time here, at the Index."
The University of Maryland's Diversity Database
      "A comprehensive index of multicultural and cultural diversity resources."
      See their Specific Resources / Other Gophers and Web Sites and Sexual Orientation pages.
Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research
      See their Literary Theory page.

Yahoo!, the most popular web directory, has set up a whole new category for sites about Paul:

Social Science:Psychology:Psychologists:Rosenfels, Paul

(We're also listed with Yahoo! NY, Yahoo! Canada, Yahoo! UK and Ireland, Yahoo! in Asia, and other Yahoo! sites yet to come.)

If you have Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you can just type "go rosenfels" into the address box and press ENTER:

Finally, you can find us by keying in "ninth street center" or "paul rosenfels" to any of the following search engines:

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