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What We're Working On

Our main goal is to share with the world the profound and amazing discoveries of Paul Rosenfels. As a volunteer organization with no outside funding, we've always had to pay our own way since 1973, month after month. That's why we ask members to donate $5 per month, and why we charge a nominal fee for the printed editions of the Center's publications. But we have no financial motivation other than to pay the rent. So as long as that's taken care of we will make Paul's writings available here on the Internet at no charge.

As wonderful as the Internet is, a major problem for a site such as ours is letting people know we're here. That's going to take time, and we could use some volunteer help and expert suggestions as to how to proceed. So far we have applied to 20 or 30 of the major search engines for inclusion in their indexes. We have also asked major organizations in the social science and mental health professions to mention us if they have a page on Internet resources.

If you would like to help us in this effort -- for instance, if you know of some educational institution that might like to sponsor our site, or you want to beta test some new features for us, or if you just have some good ideas on how we should proceed -- please give us a holler. Thanks.

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