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Paul Rosenfels

A Rosenfels Bibliography

This page describes all known literary works of Paul Rosenfels, both published and unpublished. It includes information about the various incarnations of each work (manuscript, typescript, publication, microfilm) as well as copyright, copyright assignment, Bowker's Books in Print, Library of Congress, and miscellaneous data.

Works included range in size from major published books to brief sketches for projected monographs (as long as they were titled), and include selected correspondance. Each work is described in a separate entry, the entries being arranged alphabetically by title.

Each entry contains a number of lines, all but the first of which (the work's title) having the following format:

where 'keyword' identifies the kind of data this line gives, such as title or creation date, and 'value' gives the actual data for this specific title, such as its actual creation date.

Many keywords apply to only a small number of titles, and only keywords applying to a particular title are shown in that entry. The following sample entry shows an assortment of possible keywords and showing what these values mean. Keywords always appear in the same order, beginning with title.

The next six keywords give information on the copyright registration application or information supplied by the Copyright Office. Copyright law changed significantly in 1978, allowing for the first time the registration of unpublished works. Copyrights registered before 1978 show Copyright Application Recv'd and Copyright Publication Date, but not Copyright Year of Creation (because it wasn't relevant) or Registration Effective Date (because it became effective on the date of publication). Copyrights registered during and after 1978 show Copyright Year of Creation and Registration Effective Date and Copyright Publication Date (if the work was already published), but not Copyright Application Recv'd. For all registered works, the Copyright Number and Reregister date is given.

The next five keywords describe information about the assignment of the copyright to Dean Hannotte:

The next four keywords give publication data:

The next eleven keywords give information about listing(s) in Bowker's Books in Print:

The next two keywords give Library of Congress cataloging data:

The remaining fifteen keywords give the location in which various items are archived. The format of each field is a list of flags and (optional) dates. Flags can be one of:

When specified, dates say when the item was moved to its current location.

Following is the complete catalog of Paul Rosenfels' written work, as prepared shortly after his death by Dean Hannotte:


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