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The Ninth Street Center

The Ninth Street Center was founded in 1973 when Paul and I decided we were ready to teach the ideas that he had developed to more people than we could reach through our private counseling practices. With the help of about a dozen of our students, I opened a basement space on 9th Street between First and Second Avenues, in the heart of New York's East Village. Soon we were running discussion groups, doing peer counseling, and having the time of our lives The following links will bring up various articles written back then so you can see what others thought of the excitement and enthusiasm that went into this project. For a current look back at what was going on 25 years ago, read the excerpt from Bill Boushka's new book, Do Ask, Do Tell.

The Ninth Street Center, by Doug Feldman (10/29/73)
Hot Nights at the Ninth Street Center, by John Paul Hudson (1/74)
Gays Go Free at Ninth Street Center, by Judy Chicurel (4/83)
The Ninth Street Center, by Bill Boushka (1997)


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