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Infrequently Asked Questions
by Dean Hannotte

Here are some of the things I find myself thinking about from time to time. Not all of them may be relevant to what concerns you at the moment. In fact some of them are purely speculative. But dive in and tell me if anything wonderful happens to you as a result.

Why can't I stay home and just hope for a better world?
Does psychology begin with a radical premise?
Why are people like computers?
When can an examined life tell you more than an unconscious mind?
If IBM is a person, why isn't my cat?
Can I have a lover and not know it?
Why don't people die?
Why is thirteen the golden age of science fiction?
Is belief in the supreme being harmless?
Can we help our neighbor if we don't know what he needs?   
Why do apples obey the law of gravity?
Are gay brains different from straight brains?
Can psychological problems have physical solutions?
Should I compromise with my lover?   
Can a cat be equal to a human?   
Is romance important?   
What is the most important thing in life?   

Here is an excerpt from a conversation that occurred over the internet in 2000.

Why Am I Different?

And here are some excerpts from the writings of other social critics (okay, only one so far).

Garrison Keillor: "Why shouldn't you live in the past?"


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